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I’m Ben Williams, Director of Ben Williams IP, and we help clients secure their business advantage.


A well-crafted patent can be worth millions, and IP should be one of the first considerations for start-ups, academic institutions and corporations. IP is often the largest asset portfolio an organization has, but in today’s global economy it is more challenging than ever to protect your IP. That’s where we come in.


We’ve been helping clients in a diverse range of sectors, understand and secure their IP … from semiconductor fabrication, to product design, from nanoscale engineering to telecommunications. We work with you to understand the ideas and brands you need to protect, where you need to protect them and the consequences.


Call us today to help you secure a return on your ideas and innovation.

  • Assessment of intellectual property assets, including IP auditing.

  • Preliminary patent searches and results analysis.

  • Patent drafting and prosecution.

  • Registered Designs.

  • Interim IP management.

  • IP training and awareness.

  • Part of an extensive network of trusted IP professionals to provide advice on Trade Marks, Trade Secrets, IP licensing, IP commercialisation.

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